People Our state has 53,000 fewer teen smokers than it did six years ago.
TRU - Don't give up

This is TRU.

Since 2003, we've been working to create North Carolina's first tobacco-free generation. And with 53,000 fewer teens smoking, our hard work is paying off. But we can't stop: 11,000 teens become smokers each year.

Listen to some TRU stories from those who have joined the effort. And please take a second to share with your friends. The TRU message is too important not to spread – and too valuable to risk losing.

TRU - This is Destini
53k Fewer Teen Smokers TRU - Destini's Thoughts
TRU - Destini: Interview TRU - Justin's Thoughts
Couple kids
Kids TRU - Reena: Playground
TRU - This is Justin
TRU - Justin: Interview
Since we began, smoking amoung NC high-schoolers has dropped by more than a thrid.
TRU Saves North Carolina 66 Million Every Year
Use Amongst Middle-schoolers 4.3% TRU - Reena: Storytelling
TRU - Reena: Cards
TRU - Reena: Invincible TRU - Truth and Consequences
Walking girl
TRU - Anna #1 Cause
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